Advantages of DBMS.

Due to its centralized nature, the database system can overcome the disadvantages
of the file system-based system
1. Data independency:
Application program should not be exposed to details of data representation and storage DBMS provides the abstract view that hides these details.
2. Efficient data access.:
DBMS utilizes a variety of sophisticated techniques to store and retrieve data
3. Data integrity and security:
Data is accessed through DBMS, it can enforce integrity constraints.
E.g.: Inserting salary information for an employee.
4. Data Administration:
When users share data, centralizing the data is an important task, Experience
professionals can minimize data redundancy and perform fine tuning which reduces retrieval time.
5. Concurrent access and Crash recovery:
DBMS schedules concurrent access to the data. DBMS protects user from the effects of system failure.
6. Reduced application development time.

DBMS supports important functions that are common to many applications.