COMPANY Database Example

We need to create a database schema design based on the following (simplified)
requirements of the COMPANY Database:
The company is organized into DEPARTMENTs.
Each department has a name, number and an employee who manages the department.
We keep track of the start date of the department manager.
A department may have several locations.
Each department controls a number of
PROJECTs. Each project has a unique name, unique number and is located at a single
We store each EMPLOYEE’s social security number, address, salary, sex, and birth date.
Each employee works for one department but may work on several projects.
We keep track of the number of hours per week that an employee currently works on each project.
We also keep track of the direct supervisor of each employee.
Each employee may have a number of DEPENDENTs.

For each dependent, we keep track of their name, sex, birth date, and relationship to the employee.