Bus - Company owns busses and will hold information about them.
Route - Buses travel on routes and will need described.
Town - Buses pass through towns and need to know about them
Driver - Company employs drivers, personnel will hold their data.
Stage - Routes are made up of stages
Garage - Garage houses buses, and need to know where they are.
A bus is allocated to a route and a route may have several buses.
Bus-route (m:1) is serviced by
A route comprises of one or more stages.
route-stage (1:m) comprises
One or more drivers are allocated to each stage.
driver-stage (m:1) is allocated .
A stage passes through some or all of the towns on a route.
stage-town (m:n) passes-through
A route passes through some or all of the towns
route-town (m:n) passes-through
Some of the towns have a garage
garage-town (1:1) is situated
A garage keeps buses and each bus has one `home' garage

garage-bus (m:1) is garaged